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The Menteri Besar Of Kelantan


Currently the position of Menteri Besar of Kelantan is held by Dato Ahmad Yaakob that replaced Arwah Dato Nik Aziz after last general election.

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The Long Yunus dynasty continues to provide Kelantan its Sultans but since it became a part of British Malaya in 1909, the state’s social and political history has been entwined with the fortunes of three ruling families.

 Dato Nik Mahmud Nik Ismail (1921 - 1947)
 Dato Nik Ahmad Kamil Nik Mahmud (1948 - 1955)

During the latter part of the period when Kelantan was under Siamese rule, Dato Maha Menteri Che Saad Ngah, ancestor of former Pas Presiden, Asri Muda, administered Kelantan between 1890 to 1894. When Che Saad was murdered in 1894, he was succeeded by Dato Nik Yusof bin Nik Abdul Majid , followed by Dato Che Hassan bin Dato Mohammad Salleh bin Dato Abdul Samad. Che Hassan resigned after first world war because of ill health and Dato Perdana Menteri Nik Mahmud Ismail, one of the ancient regime, became the de facto menteri besar ( he was officially appointed menteri besar when Sultan Ismail ascended the throne in 1922 ). For thirty four years, between 1922 and 1955, Kelantan was administered by the father son menteri besar linage of Nik Mahmud Ismail and Nik Ahmad Kamil. A pukka Kelantan Malay and diplomat par excellence, the latter was subsequently appointed as an ambassador for the country, became a corporate men, and then speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

 Tg Mohd Hamzah Tg Zainal Abidin (1955 - 1959 )

 Dato Hj Ishak Lofti Omar (1959 - 1964 )

Then Tengku Hamzah bin Tengku Zainal Abidin, then Raja Muda of Kelantan, became menteri besar in 1955, for four years. the royal civil servant, Tengku Razaleigh’s father, was the last colonial era menteri besar. Prior to this, he held the position of state secretary.

Between 1959 and 1973, an uncle nephew line up directed the state. Ishak Lofti was Pas’ first menteri besar and the controversial Pas leader Asri Muda’s uncle. The latter followed him to become menteri besar himself. Ishak was also Kelantan’s first elected menteri besar. His term in office lasted until 1964, after which Asri took over until 1973. Asri was a teacher, petition writer, minister and Pas president and Ishak a religious bureaucrat. Asri, the silver tongued party builder died in oblivion.

Dato Hj Asri Muda (1964 - 1973 )

Dato Hj Muhammad Nasir (1974 - 1977 )

After Asri came Mohammad Nasir, an agriculture officer. Asri’s nemesis died and was buried in Australia. Then came Mohammad Yaakob, Umno’s first and last menteri besar of Kelantan, a former government legal adviser. He demolished a heritage building in the name of populism. Largely seen as a weak leader, he quarrelled with the sultan in his later years in office. From 1990 until now, Dato Nik Aziz bin Nik Mat, the Indian Egyptian educated ulama. The Imam who over throw the lethargic Umno government in 1990 and established Kelantan as a model Islamic state.

 Dato Hj Muhammad Yaakob ( 1977 - 1990 )

Dato Hj Nik Aziz Nik Mat ( 1990 - Now )

It is rumour spreading in blogs that Dato Nik Aziz would not become the menteri besar again but he still will contest in coming general election. It is worth watching who will succeed him to become next Kelantan’s menteri besar.