Sultan Yahya Petra bridge project 3-years overdue

 Kota Bharu – The Sultan Yahya Petra bridge project which should have been completed in 2009, despite its multiple extensions remains incomplete. Currently, the work-in-progress is threatening the safety of road users. The construction company in charge of the completion of the 800m bridge project in June 2007 was supposed to conclude the project in December 2009 but later extended to December 2010 and subsequently to November 2011. For the fourth time, the project is now extended to August 2012. Daily, hundreds of vehicles pass beneath the work-in-progress which causes massive jams for years in the city especially for those using the bridge. No safety nettings are used to protect people and their vehicles from falling debris, cement water drippings, iron rods and pieces of woods blown by strong winds during the monsoon season. The construction workers were not wearing any safety uniforms. Instead of anti-slip boots, most were wearing slippers. Neither of them were wearing reflective vests or protective helmets.
The project is supposed to link Kota Bharu to Wakaf Bharu, Tumpat.  To-date, there no other bridge across the river except the stretch of work-n-progress flyover. The initial cost of the project was RM150M but IS Resources Sdn. Bhd. sought another RM7M to complete the project. The project is managed by JKR.

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