Rabu, 24 Disember 2014

Projek Kota Bharu : Tijani Raja Dewa

Dulu, dalam post yang lepas, saya anda share yang Symphony House (formerly known as Bolton Group) ingin bangunkan Jalan Raja Dewa


Dan ini dia Tijani Raja Dewa oleh Symphony House. Satu pembangunan mewah di Telipot melibatkan strata dan jugak landed residentials.

Dari website Symphony House berkenaan projek ini :

Tijani Raja Dewa is a two-level elevated living concept at an exclusive address at Raja Dewa, Kota Bharu. It features a private world of lush linear gardens and luxurious homes with low density. Relish in a world that feels like a resort village. Each Superlink Terrace Terrace layouts feature a courtyard. A lower level car park offers an elevated living plane that is free of traffic. 

*all pictures above from symphony house's website