Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

Where Are You Kids ?

A lecture class in the morning was cancelled and since it was only class that day, I found myself free from morning to night. Since not much thing I can do to fill my free time today, friend of my asked me to accompany him to Low Yat Plaza to buy a new earphone.

We ride on KTM Commuter to KL Sentral. We walked to monorail station that is only distance from KL Sentral to Bukit Bintang. We were not in hurry, so we decided to wander around Times Square. Not so many people during this time and we kept walking because we have no business in mind here just to clean up our eyes. But what really surprised me and made me focused point of view to a group of teenagers. Some of them still wearing baju sekolah and others seem fashionista with weird clothes and make up. So weird I thought they were visitors from planet mars. To critic how they look like is not my attention but where they were now made me think. Should they, at this morning, being in school? Not in shopping mall. Or their class cancelled like me? But still they cannot leave school compound if it is true class was cancelled.

I felt pity for their parents for what they did. I am so sure they think their children studying at school. Not much I can do in mind-your-own-business attitude society. I just can see and that is all.