Try Failed Succeed

It is not that I don’t try to publish my article in English; I did it many times but somehow end up as bahasa article. I create a title in English and first paragraph in English but suddenly I stuck at the middle of typing. I am clueless with no idea in my mind. And so I couldn’t translate what I want to say because my brain thinks in Bahasa whereas I want to express it in English. Just like no word suitable for my contemplation.

But this time I am in state of determination and I crave to push myself for article in English. If I keep to myself I cannot, telling my English is broken and funny, I do not know when I could.

I enjoy read in English and have so much fun rather than in Bahasa. Books in Bahasa so limited and concentrating to some fields just like regilious and novel. Up to now, I still unable to find a quality book in Bahasa and challaging your mind to work out. All this let me and encourage me to produce something so people can enjoy just like me enjoying reading materials in English.

First trial maybe not so good but hopely when time goes on, little by little, a more pleasurable and word to describe it, i have it in Bahasa..opps, can you help me please..maybe Google Translation can assist me.
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