Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

(Yes) Rely On (No)

It is a gift, very precious, if you can rely on somebodies for everything. You ask for help, you will get it, you short of money; you can borrow or ask from someone else. Just like no hardship can prevent you from move forward with all assistance you have.

BUT you must remember about one thing, all doors to run from problems will not last longers. Look it as a life line, where only once change you can use it, no more that that. You are lucky because there is somebody shoulder you can cry for but always keep in mind to alert this life line as a last resort. Put it hard in a mind that it is okay to ask for help once or twice but people will start to heat you when you repeatedly ask them for help.When facing a problem, try to solve it on your own and it is not wrong to get some good advice from other as long as you try to solve a problem by yourself. Take it as challenges. Try to look at it as wall, a brick wall with no cement to glue each other but strong enough to stop you for a while. Use your brain. Be creative. I am sure you will find many options and it is unthinkable before.

All these tests actually will make you strong to face the other day. In a longer time, you find yourself is resistance to destitution and later you are the one who give hand to other not vice versa. Satisfaction and enjoyment are two things undescribeable feeling getting from help others.

Lastly, when you did try and a problem you face is beyond you could handle, and only during this time you must call a life line but don’t be late. We do not want a brick wall stop us forever.