Kubang Kerian A Just Story

I am thinking how to describe this place named Kubang Kerian. Okey, I get some idea(s). It is 14 minutes or less or more if congestion at Lundang main road. A Malay settlement at past but its destiny changed when health campus of USM call it as home around 1960s.

Beside a majestic Sultan Ismail Petra mosque, here it is the grand palace of Kelantan, Istana Kubang Kerian or many people call it as istana ayer mato and official palace of Tuanku Ismail Petra, Istana Mahkota. What I know the current sultan, Sultan Muhammad the fifth does not live at Istana Kubang Kerian but at Istana Telipot near Kota Bharu. Most official residences for state government also located here but I do not know whether they reside here or not.

This new township has only a row of stalls in front of hospital and some 2 storeys shops along a road. Dont forget an abandoned project behind post office. Some say it is private hospital and the others say it is a shopping complex. What I can say this abandoned project is waiting to collapse to a ground except there are parties willing to resume a project.

Time was changed. Kubang Kerian is breathing fast now. Doubted as second town after Kota Bharu, new projects and new shops are mushrooming. Two hypermarkets, Mydin and little well-known Kk Square, some banks ( Rhb, Cimb, Bsn, Islamic Bank, Bank Rakyat ) and some fast food restaurants ( Kfc, Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe, Tutti Fruit, Ayamas, Radix ). Amenities here are enough to serve people live nearby. For a better connectivity, a new road is under construction here to ease congestion and to cut out time taken to go to airport at Pengkalan Chepa.

High rise residential is famous and get high demand from consumer at Kota Bharu but not for me. I am exceptional because landed residential is my preferial. And does not despair Kubang Kerian, two apartment projects are take off, 24 storeys Anjung Vista and UG Apartment, where for me it looks really weird. I though it is a tahfiz school.

 Hudoh..tok kene

Go around inside USM..sorry no many photos...

Smiling PM...1Malaysia

I try to be artistic

And some more pictures from Cherang...

 You know him ??

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