Kelantan Halal Park

Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, Kelantan has been selected to initiate the development of a Halal park in the state. Kelantan Halal Park, Pengkalan Chepa was developed by Perbadanan Kemajuan Iktisad Negeri Kelantan (PIKINK) and consists of 8 units link factory.

The state government has approved 50 acres of land in Mukim Apam, Pasir Mas for the development of Halal Park in Kelantan. The halal park development component in Mukim Apam Halal Park consists of SME factories, administration office, cold room, collection centre, exhibition centre and warehousing.

Future facilities available to Industry Player
   Phase 1
      •    SME factories
      •    Administration office
      •    Cold room
      •    Collection centre
      •    Exhibition centre
      •    Warehouse

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