Kota Bharu Sentral At Tunjong

 [ Updated 12 December 2012 ] 

Kalau dulu dikenali sebagai Kota Bharu Sentral, terkini ianya Lagenda Tunjong. Architecture pun makin lawa dengan phase 1 dimulakan dengan pembinaan Che Siti Village Mall. Emm...Che Siti...nama yang memang senonim dengan Kelantan.

Overall Lagenda Tunjong

Phase 1, Che Siti Village Mall, menawarkan pengalaman shopping berbeza buat oghe Klate..

In brief pasal Che Siti Village Mall dari official website Lagenda Tunjong...

Features that stand out are the seamless connectivity and permeability which culminates into a focal point in the form of a central courtyard, where people and activities converge. The central linear courtyard will facilitate an array of activities which will include amongst others weekend markets, cultural performances and festive celebrations; thus creating a dynamic and vibrant ambience that is engaging at all times.

The retail lots are meant to cater to every shopper's needs and desires, offering a wide selection of food & beverage, fashion, home care, sport, electrical and IT stores, services which include childcare centres, health, wellness and beauty care as well as financial and educational institutions. The shop-fronts are designed with wide covered walkways whilst festive village streets are protected from the elements to enhance the alfresco shopping and dining experience.

Landscape features in the form of plants, street furniture, water elements, creative floor pattern designs, interesting shades and canopies are cleverly infused into the overall design to create a more conducive, family-orientated environment.

This urban lifestyle development is poised to be a melting pot of all that are interesting, stimulating, entertaining and engaging within the Kelantanese context and more. Che Siti Village Mall will epitomize a whole new unique experience for shopping, living, cultural, work and leisure pursuit promising an exciting destination of international significance.

Amongst its unique features are:
The first of its kind in East Coast and in Kota Bharu.
Complete convenience from dining and shopping to entertainment and relaxation.
Tourist Destination
  – Local culture and events e.g. top spinning, Batiks display, Kelantan Food Fair, etc
We have designed the 2nd floor for professional offices
  – Architects, Product Design, ICT, Lawyers, etc.

**Gambar dan info adalah diambil dari official website Lagenda Tunjong.
 [ Updated 11 June 2012 ]   

Video rasmi Kota Bharu Sentral @ Tunjong

 [ Updated 15 March 2012 ]

Sedikit gambar KB Sentral yang kat Tunjong.

[ Post asal ]

Semalam, Kota Bharu menyaksikan satu projek terbaru dan besar di area Tunjong, Kota Bharu Sentral. Ianya telah dirasmikan oleh Menteri Besar Kelantan, Dato' Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Turut hadir exco ekonomi Kelantan, Dato' Husam dan pengerusi Sara Timur Datuk Dr M. Zawawi Ismail.

Sidang media oleh Dato Husam selepas majlis perasmian

Pelancaran KB Sentral....

Keratan akhbar berkenaan projek KB Sentral @ Tunjung

Work on KB Sentral project to take off in June

KOTA BHARU: Construction and engineering firm Sara-Timur Sdn Bhd plans to invest up to RM600 million to develop an integrated commercial property project called Kota Baru Sentral@Tunjong in Kelantan.
Chairman emeritus professor Datuk Dr M. Zawawi Ismail said the project, which will feature shopping malls, luxury apartments and condominiums, a convention centre and office blocks, will be developed over three phases on a 16.5ha land in Tunjong.
"We expect to begin construction by June or July as land acquisition procedures and other preliminary engineering works are already completed," he told reporters here.
The project, Zawawi said, will be jointly developed with the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated and Tunjong Development Corporation.

He said the first phase of the project involving a shopping centre called "village mall" is expected to be ready for occupation in two anda half years. 
"We expect the entire project to be fully ready in five to seven years from now," Zawawi said. 
He said Kelantan traditional architecture and contemporary Islamic designs will be infused into buildings in the project.- Business Times
KB Sentral @ Tunjong akan dimajukan oleh Sara Timur iaitu pemaju dari Kuching, Sarawak. Antara projek yang dibangunkan adalah Sutera Harbour Resort, Kuala Lumpur City Center, the Sarawak State Stadium and Sandakan Harbour Square in Sabah, East Malaysia. Kiranya developer nie memang mempunyai good track records dalam pembinaan.
Tak sabar rasanya semua shopping mall nie siap. Agaknya tenants apa yang akan masuk menyewa nanti.


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