UNITEN Receives APBEST Grand Award

 Asia-Pacific Business Excellence Standard Award (AA-2011/12) was organized by  Asia Pacific Business Excellence Standard (APBEST) Academy, Hong Kong. APBEST Academy is a non-profit organization registered under Ordinance Companies, Hong Kong, founded by Prof. Sam Ho. The award presentation was held on 20th February 2012 at Regal Riverside Hotel, Hong Kong. This award is an International recognition and appreciation in the areas of Quality Practices.
In conjuction with the APBEST 2011/12 Award, UNITEN has been recognized and awarded as APBEST Grand Award Winner of the Year and BEST Education Services in the Asia-Pacific. This is the first time in the history of APBEST Award where UNITEN has been awarded almost the maximum scores by the Board of Examiners according to the International Standards for Quality Awards.  Being the top private university, UNITEN is widely known as the "Harvard of Malaysia", as quoted by Prof. John C.Y. Leong, President,Open University of Hong Kong.
In addition, UNITEN Vice Chancellor, Y.Bhg. Dato' Seri Prof. Mashkuri Bin Yaacob has been awarded for APBEST People Developer of the Year and Mr. Mohamad Ishak Bin Mohamad Ibrahim has been awarded for APBEST Process Driver of the Year. This outstanding achievement proves their great contribution in the effort of bringing UNITEN to be recognized in international level.
This recognition has placed UNITEN into a higher level of commitment in Quality Practice especially in quality culture, producing quality professional graduates and consistently meet customer needs. In fact, this recognition will open the eyes of many parties to UNITEN in the areas of Quality Practice.
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