The Star : The flags of battle are up in Kelantan

The date for the general election has yet to be announced, but political parties here have started to put up flags, banners and bunting, much to the chagrin of the Kota Baru Municipal Council.
Council secretary Mohd Anis Hussein said the political parties had violated the municipal by-laws and action could be taken against them.
“We are aware that several political parties have flouted our by-laws by putting up posters, flags and bunting without our permission,” he said.
However, he said, although the law provided for action to be taken against the parties, the municipal council had decided to exercise discretion on the matter.
“We have decided to monitor the situation and not take action against the political parties because we do not want the matter to be turned into a political issue,” he said yesterday.
Mohd Anis said similar problems had surfaced in other areas in the state.
“My counterparts from other municipal councils have told me about similar problems in areas under their jurisdiction but they also preferred to just monitor the situation rather than take specific action against the political parties,” he added.
He advised political parties to apply for permit from the municipal council before putting up any flag or banner.
“We have not received any written application from any political party yet on the matter.
“But we would like to remind them stern action can be taken against any party that sets up permanent structures within our jurisdiction,” he added.
Meanwhile, State Election Commission director Mohamad Mahmood said the phenomenon of putting up political flags was beyond its control.
“We can only take action against political parties for various election commission offences during campaign periods,” he said yesterday.

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